Cuisine contest to be held in Dak Lak in March
The Central Highlands province of Dak Lak will host a cuisine contest for chefs from the region at Ko Tam Community Cultural Ecological Tourism from March 13-16 in Buon Ma Thuot city.
Major art exhibition celebrates National Day
An art exhibition of 259 paintings, graphic art works and sculptures has opened at the HCM City Fine Arts Museum as part of the city’s celebrations of the 73rd National…
Vietnamese cuisine wins increasing popularity in Czech
The crowds of visitors around booths selling Vietnamese food at the Embassies Food and Culture Festival in the Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague on May 13 reflected the increasing…
The 1st International Culinary and Music Festival - Food Fest 2017 to come in Ha Noi
(TITC) – From 7-9 April, International Culinary and Music Festival - Food Fest 2017 will take place for the first time in Square of Royal City (Ha Noi) with many exciting activities of food competitions, games and musical performances.
Viet Nam cuisine highlighted in Switzerland
Viet Nam’s culinary art was introduced to Swiss friends at a programme recently co-hosted by Alimentarium - the Museum of Nutrition in Vevey city of Switzerland and the Vietnamese Embassy in the country.
Cuisine of the Nung   (Aug 10, 2016)
Cuisine of the Nung
The Nung live at higher elevations and have a tradition of self-sufficiency. The Nung live close to nature and eat whatever they can grow or gather in the forest. Some of their dishes have become specialties of Lang Son’s tourism.
Boating on Nhieu Loc Canal worth a try
How can tourists enjoy Sai Gon? Any recommendation for them to learn more about the most boisterous city in Viet Nam? A city tour starts with some scenic spots and ends with a romantic meal on board a restaurant boat. It’s a normal tour. But now, the newly launched boat tour on Nhieu Loc Canal will surely allow visitors to explore the city from a…
Cuisine from Central Viet Nam   (Sep 04, 2014)
Cuisine from Central Viet Nam
Da Nang is well known for being a lovely tourism destination in Central Viet Nam. The city has all favors from the nature and weather, compared to neighboring localities. Therefore, long ago, citizens from nearby provinces had moved to Da Nang for work, making it now a very multi-cultural city. Hence, cuisines in the city are very diverse. Here is the top list of must-try…