Ba Om Pond

Location: Ba Om Pond (also called Ao Vuong) is situated in Group 3, Ward 8, and 7km southwest of Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Province.
Characteristics: The pond consists of limpid and calm water surrounded with sand dunes. The air around the pool is healthy and fresh.

It is certain that you will hear of an extraordinary legend about a Khmer woman called Om, who created the Pond in a competition with the Khmer men for women to gain their right of selecting husbands.


◊ An Attractive Ecological Tourist Site

The pool, covering an approximate area of 10ha, lies along the National Road 53. The pond is 500m in length and 300m in width and its water is always tranquil, clear and blue. It is surrounded by hillocks and many old trees of sao (hopea) and dau (dipterocarpaceae) whose roots emerge on the ground and form numerous odd shapes that create a unique beauty. The atmosphere is cool and pure all the year round. In the afternoon, flocks of birds perch on the trees and make this area exciting and noisy.

Ba Om Pond is an ideal tourist and relaxing site in Tra Vinh. When coming here, visitors not only contemplate the beauty of the Pond and the old trees, but also visit the ancient Khmer Ang Pagoda, which is classified as a national historical and cultural relic, and obtain knowledge about the culture of the Khmer people.


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